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Our Story
Backpack Host is a premium
web company built specifically
for start-ups, companies, and
entrepreneurs like you.

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Web Hosting

We offer Premium Web Hosting packages and plans, which will allow you to make your website public, accessible, and viewable over the Internet from anywhere in the world. We provide the doorway that connects your website to the online world.

Domain Name

We provide Domain Name registration, which allows you to have a specific web address/URL so people can find and view your website online from anywhere in the world. We offer domain names for .com’s, .org’s, .net’s, .tv’s, .co’s, .us’s, and more.


We offer Site Maintenance, which is simply our process for keeping your website running smoothly. We take some of the pressure off of you by updating certain aspects of your site for you (ie. graphics, content, SEO, blog posts, analytics, etc.).


We offer SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. We provide strategy and our very own optimization process which helps prepare your website to be more accessible and searchable in search engines such as Google & Bing.

Backpack Hosting

Lets Host 1.0x

12 1.0
1. Unlimited Websites Hosted
2. Domain Name Included
3. 10GB of Disk Space
4. Unlimited Bandwidth
5. Unlimited FTP Accounts
6. Unlimited Email Accounts
7. Unlimited Email Lists
8. Unlimited MYSQL Databases
9. Unlimited Sub Domains
10. Email Forwarding Included
11. cPanel Included


Customer Support

Please get in touch with if you have any questions.

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